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  • You Are The Fairest Of Them All

    Today’s non-invasive cosmetic treatments can do wondrous things when it comes to enhancing and taking years off your appearance. We use a number of laser and injectable techniques and products to postpone your need for surgery or to enhance your surgical results.

  • People Will Stare. Make It Worth Their While.

    A Mommy Makeover is a collection of procedures designed to help moms feel like themselves again.

  • It’s All About Your Expectations And Results

    Come in to meet the Doctor and find how we can best help you get the results you want. We will talk to you about your goals, evaluate the areas of your body which are of concern, and provide personal recommendations about your best treatment options.

  • Sexy Never Felt So Good

    When it comes to looking and feeling your absolute best, nearly everyone can use a little bit of help. With so many options, a consultation is often the best and easiest way to get all your questions answered.

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Welcome to Georgetown Plastic Surgery

Georgetown Plastic Surgery is an experienced, trusted plastic surgery clinic serving the greater Austin, Texas area. When you’re ready to consider cosmetic surgery in Austin, TX, consult with a board certified cosmetic surgeon and gather more information about the procedures that are available. Dr. Craig Staebel is an experienced cosmetic surgeon in Austin, leveraging his extensive knowledge, attention to detail, and state of the art techniques and resources to provide patients with a level of care that is unmatched. When patients come to Georgetown Plastic Surgery, they can expect professionalism, a comfortable and safe atmosphere, and compassionate care.

Why Choose Georgetown Plastic Surgery?

Whether you want breast implants, breast augmentation, breast enhancements, liposuction, or any other type of plastic surgery in Austin, Round Rock, Temple, or the surrounding areas, you will be in safe hands with our highly skilled team of plastic surgery specialists at Georgetown Plastic Surgery. Our care is provided by friendly surgeons and their qualified support staff members in a safe and relaxing clinical environment. All care will be completely confidential and discreet. Dr. Staebel takes extra care to ensure that our patients experience minimal bruising, discomfort, or scarring that is typically associated with most cosmetic surgery procedures. Whether you need breast implants in Austin, a tummy tuck in Austin or Austin plastic surgeons for any other type of plastic surgery procedure, you will appreciate the outstanding treatment and care that Dr. Staebel and our team at Georgetown Plastic Surgery provides.

Understanding the Consultation Process

When patients come to our clinic to receive any type of cosmetic procedures, they must first undergo a thorough consultation with our specialists. All patients must be approved for any type of cosmetic surgery. Patient medical histories, current medical conditions, age of the patient, weight of the patient, and other factors will all be taken into consideration when qualifying patients for treatment. While the procedures are safe, people who have poor health may not qualify if they are high risk. They may qualify for some procedures, but not for others. Dr. Staebel and our team will do our utmost best to get you the aesthetically pleasing results that you want, in a safe and effective way.

Contact Us Today

Contact us today at (512) 686-1650 to learn more about the various cosmetic procedures that we provide, or to get answers to general questions. We will be pleased to schedule a consultation appointment for you, or to provide assistance in any way that we possibly can. Give us a call to experience what we have to offer.

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